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In my current role as marketing director I’m finding that many of our clients simply don’t know who we are or what we do; which is absolutely crazy, right? I mean every time I go to the store to purchase a product or two I read the entire label on the back of the item and visit their website before placing the item in the cart. Ok, maybe I’m over-exaggerating a little; the point is that I don’t know half of the information that I should about the products that I purchase, and I’m willing to bet I’m not alone.

I couldn’t have cared two-hoots about the cleaning supplies, but my wife was reading a book a while back which mentioned Method cleaning supplies and how that company started. Apparently, two college roommates started talking one day about creating a line of cleaning products that didn’t include harmful chemicals. So, in theory, these products are effective and not harmful to you or anyone else in your household. For some reason that made sense to me. It clicked, I hate using cleaning products that make it hard for me to breathe, and now we are slowly weeding out our cleaning products to switch to method cleaning supplies. The more I learn about SEOmoz, a SEO company out of Seatle, the  more I want to try to convince my employer to sign up for their services (the last two places I worked were pro members). The more I learn and understand about some companies the more brand loyalty is built. Think about Tom’s Shoes they aren’t great looking shoes, but part of the brand loyalty is their one for one business model. For every pair of shoes purchased a similar pair of shoes will be given to someone without shoes. They aren’t great looking shoes, but they are comfortable, and practical and you get to help people when you buy them.

You see it’s important that your website isn’t just some landing page to buy things. Take the time to educate your web traffic about who you are as a company. Make it easier and more engaging. Here are a couple of examples. Zappos, you know the shoe website that sells everything, allows their employees to write personal blogs for the company and some have turned out great. Its another way that they can educate  their visitors about who they are as a company, and we can get a glimpse into their culture., has a fantastic home page, which used to be their About Us page, it does a fantastic job of holding the readers attention. There are many ways that you can educate your readers and visitors about your website. There are many things that they should know about. Its important for you know why I have this website.

I use this website as a sounding board, I want to get my ideas out there for people to read, and honestly I just want write them out. It makes me think about my ideas in a clear manor. It takes me entirely too long to write posts for this site. And you wouldn’t believe how many posts never see the light of day. I love Internet Marketing, the more I read about it, understand it, the more it excites me to try more things. Unfortunately, a lot of what I read isn’t from practitioners, but from people who dabble in one area or another of marketing. And when you go to Google and search for Internet Marketing – you just find people trying to sell you something; I’m hoping to be a new voice for that space. I got into this realm as a social media marketer and realized quickly that businesses wanted and needed much more that Twitter and Facebook. The time of the social media marketer, SEO, PPC firm, etc. are over. Internet marketing agencies really aren’t the answer either. Marketing is marketing and its about time we go back to calling a spade a spade. Marketing gets me excited, because I can see the possibilities in business for the future.

If we educate potential customers it makes it easy to recruit customers into being brand loyal. We eventually want people to buy our products or visit our websites because of who we are not because of where we are in search results or because we sell the lowest priced item. Educating visitors about your company will allow people to feel connected to you. Educating visitors about your business in general will allow for continued success and more opportunities.

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