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Facebook has an ever increasing global reach and one of the best ways to increase you presence is to start and build your Facebook presence on a Facebook Page. Facebook Pages are all the rage lately and for good reason with 1/12th of humanity connected on Facebook and able to interact with each other it only makes sense that you would want to grow your presence there. Facebook gives only one real way for businesses participate and that’s through Pages. The question becomes how can businesses build the number of people who “like” their page? Here are five ways that businesses can do just that.

1.  Pick low hanging fruit first

Use your email marketing list to invite people to “like” your page. You can simply do this through your normal methods or you can do it through Facebook itself. You can go into your Page’s settings and then to the Marketing settings. You can easily upload a list of up to 5,000 email addresses and send it to your email list.

2.  Consider adding Facebook Like Box to your website

You can get your Like Box at same place you sent your emails from. This box is uniquely interesting because visitors to your site will see that you have a Facebook Page and that other people “like” you on Facebook. Interestingly enough if a visitor to your website is also logged into Facebook their friends who have “liked” your website will show up in the Like Box.

3.  Use your normal channels of communication

Use what you have to make spread the word about your Page. Put your Facebook Page link in your email signature and on your business cards. When people hear about you and your company they should know that you are on Facebook.

4.  Use the Facebook logo

Put the Facebook logo in your email newsletter in the upper right hand corner for the best visibility. Add the Facebook logo with a link to your Page along with other social media accounts.

5.  Keep your Page updated

This seems pretty obvious but needs to be said, but maintaining your Facebook Page, and interacting with those who post on it, is a great way to show people how much it means you.

Facebook is one of the best places for any business to develop a social media presence. How do you gain “likes” on your page?

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