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When I was working at OfficeMax they implemented a new marketing direction. You see they had done research and realized that the customer who they wished to target most directly was the businesswoman in charge of office supply purchasing. They gave her a name, Eve. Eve, was referred to in almost every communication from the home office. Seemingly every company decision that directly effected stores was put through an Eve filter – what would Eve think of this? How does this help Eve?

It wasn’t and isn’t about attracting Eve to the store, but recruiting Eve to be a Brand Advocate. OfficeMax changed their look and feel of their stores, lowered shelves to a more Eve appropriate height, added product new lines and one of them inspired and promoted by Peter Walsh who was a frequent guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show. And of course these products were much more expensive than others. It honestly wasn’t long before many of wife’s co-workers had the products OfficeMax designed for Eve organized neatly on their desks – it would have made Peter happy. My mom flew in from Minneapolis and while we were catching up out of no where she exclaims that she needs to go to OfficeMax and pick a few things up. You guessed Eve inspired products.

You’re website should be the same way. You need to find your key demographic and focus intensely on them. Its not enough if you get more web traffic, you need web traffic from your key demographics instead. We all know this, the Yu-gi-oh website is not designed for senior citizens. Then why do we feel that our sites are designed for everyone? When you attract visitors you get a lot one off hits that never return, but when you focus on your key demographics you’ll get more repeat visitors. These visitors will be much more faithful, more likely to connect with you on social media, or an email newsletter. These visitors become your fans. These recruits become your advocates – and nothing beats word of mouth.

Who is your key demographic and how do you recruit them?

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