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Google Analytics is one of the best tools in any webmaster’s toolkit. It is a fantastic way to view website traffic and its behavior across your website. But what about those webmasters who were given the proverbial keys and left to do it on their own? I want to take a few posts and go over the finer points of Google Analytics and show you how to use it, from setting up an account to fine tuning it to your needs.

If you have a Google Account sign into in on If not you are really missing out on a lot of free things that Google has to offer.

Step 1: Proceed to the process form for your account and fill out the necessary information.  This form is pretty straightforward, their maybe a few things that seem technical, but remember that almost everything on this page you’ll be able to edit in the future with exception to the Timezone – for whatever reason.

Google Analytics Website Form

Step 2: Retrieve and Install the tracking code. After you fill out the form you’ll be sent to another window where you’ll be asked about a couple of other options, more than likely you will need to check the “A Single Domain” option for tracking on your website, but each of the options are pretty self-explanatory. You’ll you shown the code and given instructions on where to place it within your website. Another noteworthy option below is it copy and paste the information into an email for your web director. Many web platforms and content management systems have the code already installed into their mechanisms. You’ll just need to provide your website’s unique identifier which is in the code below (I have it blurred out) but will look some thing like: “UX-123456-7”.

Google Analytics Code

Step 3: Wait for Stats! That’s right, the code should start working within 10 minutes of being installed correctly. Well, go into some more advanced functions and settings in Google Analytics in the coming days. Do you have GA installed on your site? If not what do you use to track your visitors?

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