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I have been blogging for about six years now and I’ve worked on several different types of blogs (corporate blogs, small business blogs, hobbiest blogs, church blogs, personal blogs, etc) – no blog is the same as another. They tend to take on a life of their own and personality to match. But I have learned a few lessens along the way that might just help a few of you as you blog.

1.  Write, write, write and don’t stop!

The more you write the better. I have a word document that I just keep writing on – its pretty long now. But its full of blog posts both finished and unfinished that can easily be updated, edited and posted. Don’t stop writing!

2.  Read, read, read and don’t stop!

Read as many blog posts as you possibly can. The old saying goes good writers are good readers.

3.  Listen to your readers.

Read through your comments and look for new ideas. When you are a blogger you need to keep producing quality content. And quality content isn’t always easy to come up with; look to your comments to extend a conversation into a post.

4.  Share resources.

If you read a great article share it on your blog. You might be able to add to the conversation. As long as your giving credit where credit is due go ahead and quote large passages from other blogs.

5.  Make sure to reread and edit your posts.

Not all posts are created equal. Write a post and wait an hour, reread your post, and edit it. Cut, add, redefine and help your post to make more sense.

6.  Know your audience.

Why did you start you blog in the first place? Does the post your working on fit your blog? Make sure that what you are writing fits the audience you’re trying to gather.

7.  Converse with your readers.

Blog are social by nature engage with your readers. If you have to set up email notifications for you to receive comments as they come in on your blog to encourage conversations.

8.   Guest post and ask for guest posts.

If you have the opportunity to guest post on a blog – take it. A lot of times they will include a link back to your blog and that is great to attract new visitors and help with your SEO. Ask for guest posters – ask other bloggers to post on your site every once in a while that way it helps your readers by hearing another voice.

9.  Stay up to date.

Look for items in the news and in pop culture that tie into your blog. Often times your blog subject could be a part of the news or the news itself. Make appropriate responses to news worthy subjects.

10.  Schedule Posts

Work ahead of yourself, write posts ahead of time to make sure that you have stay on schedule. Its important to establish a frequency of posts and to keep that frequency in order for the search engines to establish a frequency of scanning your site for new content.

I really enjoy blogging. I think its fun to write my thoughts down, and I think its incredible that people like read them. These are somethings that I’ve learned that can help make your blog more fun to work with.  What would you add to this list?

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