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In case you missed it last night I had the opportunity to twinterview Dave Woodson last night who was named The Most Influential Dude of 2010 at the Indiana Social Media Summit in Indianapolis in December. I met Dave back in September and well, the guy is just awesome to talk to, he’s got an opinion on everything and he’s willing to share it if you let him. I asked him some of the questions I get asked most often and his answers surprised me a little bit. Well, you take a look.

@davewoodson :  I am here man, I just was doing the Jabba the Hutt impression on the couch.

@joel_wolfgang :  Awesome! thanks for doing this.. first question.. How do you come up with all that content on your site?

@davewoodson :  I steal, no really, I just pay attention to questions being asked by either clients or others & then I try to answer

@davewoodson :  I will admit it is not always easy, I listen to podcasts I hear something that I think my friends or clients might need to know, I think I am breaking the 140 character rule

@joel_wolfgang :  no worries!

@joel_wolfgang :  Does that mean you’re connected all the time? How much time do you spend interacting with Social Media?

@davewoodson :  yes, phone, computers, iPad, I’m on about 10 hr/day, I have live tweeted from home to Indy, done it from the gym

@davewoodson :  but it is not all social, I work client sites, my sites, read, write, video etc.

@joel_wolfgang :  so it actually sounds like instead of making a choice to connect, you made a choice to constantly be connected.

@davewoodson :  much to the chagrin of the Wife, yes…I don’t old back much

@joel_wolfgang :  That leads into the next question, My website, twitter, Facebook, etc. where should we spend the most marketing time?

@davewoodson :  yes, all of the above, you need the social sites to drive traffic, but you need keywords to be found, I love twitter

@davewoodson :  twitter allowed me to have a voice when I was not doing radio, I do miss radio & the entertainment value

@joel_wolfgang :  Ok, then what is your definition of Internet Marketing in 2011?

@davewoodson :  mobile and outsourcing, mobile as more & more to go smart phones & outsource as you would a radio/tv ad

@davewoodson :  it does not take a genius to recognize the oncoming wave of Mobile

@joel_wolfgang :  You are absolutely right, mobile changes everything – including sharing locations

@joel_wolfgang :  I think you already answered this, but what Social Media time management tips help you?

@davewoodson :  none, really, there is a fine balance, not sure if I found it, there are times when i will just work on the laptop & ignore

@davewoodson :  the desktop that has hootsuite up and running, or just shut it down and just let it be

@joel_wolfgang :  Good to know its hard for me to stop looking at Tweetdeck when it goes off

@joel_wolfgang :  Who are some people that we should follow if we want the best info on Internet Marketing?

@davewoodson :  gosh, @douglaskarr @ripsup @daltonsbriefs @kyleplacy @edeckers me it does depend on your field to

@davewoodson :  like if you are in Real Estate/Mortgage internet marketing, there are thought leader & influencers in each of them

@joel_wolfgang :  Thanks for your time tonight, I’ll put this up on the blog in a post tomorrow. Good stuff from Indiana’s Most Influential Dude

@davewoodson :  thanks man, I want to amend a earlier answer for internet marketing in 2011, I want to add Influencers, to that mix

@joel_wolfgang :  Go right ahead

@davewoodson :  in this age of #klout people look to people for their opinions, I strive to give good opinion and not be swayed

@davewoodson :  Thanks again , I look forward to reading your post – Thanks for asking me to be a part of it.

Thank you Dave. What do you think about Dave’s comments?

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